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  • Style Canada Business Spotlight - Men’s Power Spa

    Men's Power Spa

    Style Canada
      Business Spotlight - Men's Spa   BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT
    Submitted By: Nancy Sharma

    You’ve only got two days before your boyfriend’s birthday, and you’re running out of innovative gift ideas that would be able to compare to the thought and generosity he has shown you in the past. With no time to spare, you decide to give him a gift certificate for The Men’s Power Spa in efforts to get him to tame his wild hygiene habits To your surprise, your


    urban animal has transformed into urban chic that enjoys the new trend of masculine spas.

    Ashley Cox, at 22-years-old, with her petite frame and bright hazel eyes to match with an even brighter smile, empowers urban men to look and feel their best with advanced skin and body care treatments.  As the manager and lead aesthetician of The Men's Power Spa, Cox caters to reluctant men who show up with gift certificates from their girlfriends and wives, as well as recurring clientele.

    Cox often introduces herself to men that she sees in Toronto and invites them to visit The Men's Power Spa for a complimentary 30-minute skin care treatment.  By positioning their services as hand and foot treatments instead of mani and pedi's, men are more comfortable with the concept of an urban spa facility, which provides personal care services for face, body, hands and feet in an environment that makes them feel comfortable and masculine as they would find in their favourite clothing store or sports bar.

    "When you look good on the outside, you feel good on the inside," explains Cox.  "Making people look and feel their best is extremely satisfying because they project strong self-confidence that you were able to help them exhibit."

    Cox has grown just as much as the company itself.  She has gained four years of industry-related experience after completing a two-and-a-half year aesthetics program at Sheridan College.  Her one month placement with The Men's Power Spa, lead her into a full-time career.  Within a year of demonstrating initiative, a business-oriented mindset, leadership skills and a superior quality of services by providing clients with a memorable and relaxing experience, Cox was offered a position in management.  Cox also teaches part-time at Sheridan College, training future aestheticians.  She loves to teach others that discipline and strong work ethics are rewarding.

    "What makes my job worthwhile is how much the men enjoy the spa.  It's satisfying to see that men in this day and age are taking care of themselves," describes Cox.

    Cox has come across success at a young age in her life.  She hopes to grow with The Men's Power Spa and develop it into a franchise opportunity, while continuing to teach at Sheridan College.  With her charismatic personality and go-getter persona, nothing seems too big for this petite aesthetician.

  • Style Canada Business Spotlight - Men's Spa

    Eve Gravel

    Style Canada
      Designer spotlight - Gravel   DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT
    Submitted By: Jennifer Hilsden
    Eve Gravel Design from Montreal

    Welcome to Style Canada’s latest blog feature. It's really exciting to have been asked to contribute to this amazing new networking site featuring Canadian talent. Being an avid fashion enthusiast from Toronto with a soft spot for Canadian fashion, I will be posting about current designer trends in Canada. Being involved with the Canadian fashion industry now


    for over 10 years has given me such an amazing outlook about Canadian fashion in general. I have watched many new designers start from the beginning and make it to the top. Many of these designers who started with an idea are now operating their own successful fashion inspired companies. It really is inspiring. Every day, a new designer is born. Maybe you're a designer, or know of someone with a passion for fashion. Style Canada is here to showcase and promote both Canada's hidden talent, and the already established companies within the growing Canadian Fashion industry.

    As a new blogger to Style Canada, I will be spot lighting new independent Canadian designers and posting information about current trends and how they apply to the Canadian fashion industry. I would love to hear your feedback. If you know of a Canadian designer you feel should be given the Style Canada spot light, please share. I would love to hear from you.

    You can email me direct at Our first designer spot light takes us to Montreal. Montreal is an amazingly trendy spot for fashion, with an array of successful fashion companies ranging from casual to contemporary fashion. Montreal has always been a very fashion inspired city and holds some pretty amazing resources, especially if you are a new designer looking to start a new line. Toronto is a close second runner up and is also very inspiring in it's own way. For our first designer spot light, we take you to Montreal. I would like to introduce Eve Gravel of Eve Gravel, a fashion forward designer and company from Montreal.

    It's so exciting to see a line catch such creative attention.

    I first fell in love with Eve Gravel back in 2005. My entire wardrobe one season was completely Eve Gravel. I absolutely adore her creations.

    Eve Gravel is quickly becoming recognized as one of Montreal's most successful up and coming designers. Gifted with uncommon creativity and a great vision, it's hardly a surprise that her clothing design is catching like wild fire. The Eve Gravel Fall/Winter 2009 line has been catching a lot of worldwide attention.

    " I create my collections based on what I experience and what I feel," explains Eve Gravel. "There are days when I feel like a woman, and others when I feel like a tomboy or a mischievous child. For me, fashion is a way of expressing a full range of emotions." ( Watch for the upcoming new Eve Gravel Spring line, being booked now by retailers. Eve Gravels established clientèle and fashion experts alike eagerly await the young designer’s eccentric collections each new selling season. The Fall/Winter Eve Gravel Collection is available through Mudshark Online - Featuring Independent Canadian Designers (, or a listing of boutiques can be seen on the designers website.

    It's never been a better time to update your wardrobe with contemporary, trend setting fashions from Montreal.

  • Style Canada Business Spotlight - Men's Spa

    Eve Kinizo

    Style Canada
      Designer spotlight - Gravel   DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT
    Submitted By: Jennifer Hilsden
    Canadian Fashion Design Company, Hip Line By Eve Kinizo

    STYLE Canada continues to be one of the best resources for networking on the web when it comes to industry related events combining fashion and beauty.


    As many of you know, STYLE Canada has been already been networking with a vast amount of amazing and talented Canadian fashion designers.

    Our next designer spotlight is actually on one of STYLE Canada's designer favorites, Hip Line by Eve Kinizo. Eve Kinizo is already an already active member involved with everything STYLE Canada has to offer.  Personally, I just love her designs and want to share with you a bit about the designer. Here's blog number two by yours truly, .....

    Born and raised in the city of Herzelya, Israel, Eve earned her professional experience in L.A and Toronto. After graduating from university she moved permanently to Los Angeles and there worked as a designer assistant for an Embroidery House . Working with companies like Esprit, Baby Phat, The Gap and more she was exposed to the leading brands in North America and their high industry standards.

    Eve moved to Toronto in 2000 and in 2004 she started her own clothing line :"Hip Line By Eve Kinizo."

    Hip Line started as a funky belt line which successfully catered to Jean Machine for couple years and other main stores in Ontario. Later on, Eve decided to expand and do what she loves even more, Clothing.

    In her work, Eve tries to create unique pieces for the young and fashionable woman at heart targeting career women who love and appreciate art and the entertainment industry in general.

    Hip Line by Eve Kinizo retail can be purchased at , an online store featuring mostly Independent Canadian fashion designers.

    Hip Line by Eve Kinizo wholesale is available through , a collective of Independent fashion designers with current and ahead of season collections.

    Eve Kinizo's clothing line prides itself for being Leather and Fur Free and combines Organic fabric with other quality fabrics in its collection.

  • Style Canada Business Spotlight - Men's Spa

    So Bossy

    Style Canada
      Designer spotlight - Gravel   STYLIST SPOTLIGHT
    Submitted By: Melanie Moncrieffe
    Bossy Girls Vili and Caitlin Wright
    Together since 2005, this Toronto-based duo have broken from their humble beginnings manning chairs at high-end salons across Toronto and have rapidly turned Bossy Girls into one of the most versatile and adaptable styling houses out there Solely through word of mouth, Bossy Girls have gone from Pound Magazine photo shoots to being

    responsible for styling on over 100 music videos for artists across the musical spectrum, from country to Rock to Hip hop and soul; artists both Indie and established. They've also worked on dozens of commercials for companies as diverse as Disney and GM, Liptons and Danone to Bonne Bell Cosmetics and Lipsmackers. Image, Style, Hair, Makeup. Bossy Girls are truly more than just the sum of their parts. They are strong, versatile, determined and adaptable women who can meet every styling need.

    We asked the girls a couple questions about styling!

    Q. What inspired you to pursue styling?
    A. Styling is such a creative outlet, we are both very creative, we enjoy the
    challenge of it and find inspiration from a lot of things.

    Q. Who or what inspires your sense of style?
    A. We can both say that we definitely dress according to our mood but we
    love simplicity and over the top, its about how you’re feeling, where you’re going,
    and what you’re doing.

    Q.How would you describe your styling style?
    A. Our styling style is pretty much build as we go. We create things on the
    spot. We are always overly prepared.

    Q. Can you tell us what you find essential within the styling process?
    The most essential thing about styling is to stay completely open minded
    and not to force things. But above all that it’s the relationships we build
    with designers, distributors, stores and all other outlets that allow us to do
    what we do.

    Q. What major obstacles and achievements have you overcome within the industry?
    A. We really haven't had any obstacles, we have challenges just as any other
    business does, but we have been fortunate to work with the best in this
    industry and have been able to make some amazing creations. Canada has a lot
    to offer and we're glad to be apart of it.

    With Bossy Girls you’re not just getting the Bossy Girl look; you’re getting the Bossy Girl lifestyle.
  • Style Canada Business Spotlight - Men's Spa

    Catalina Yue

    Style Canada
      Designer spotlight - Gravel   TALENT SPOTLIGHT
    Submitted By: Malaika Reynolds
    Singer/ Songwriter Catalina Yue
    Actress, Model and Singer-Songwriter, are some of the words that describe the multi-talented, Catalina Yue. Just recently, Catalina launched her new album, “Eternally” available at HMV locations across Canada. A former Miss Universe Contestant, Catalina began her interest in music fairly early. She started singing at the age of three within church

    and school choirs. She further honed her craft by taking vocal lessons, and started to write her own songs. She also developed an interest in dance and gymnastics, while taking classes in jazz, tap, modern, salsa and ballet. Born in North York, Ontario, Catalina studied political science at the University of Waterloo. Catalina speaks a variety of languages including English, Spanish, French, Cantonese, German and Japanese. Alongside her singing career, Catalina is currently working in the modeling and acting industries, with some of the greatest European designers. 

    Q. When did you first know when you wanted to become a singer?
    A. Since I was 3 years old. I told my father I wanted to become a singer. He
     said no!

    Q.  How did you get into music business?
    A.  I guess I got into the music business though already being in the
     entertainment field. I started singing at a young age and I entered into
     modeling after taking part in the Miss Universe Canada Pageant. I made a
    few connections there and found several music producers who were very
     interested in working with me.

     Q. What is your inspiration for your most recent album?
    A. There are one or two songs in my album that I wrote when I was 17 years
     old and had an innocent view on life and there are some that were written
     within the last year or so that reflect the struggles I was going through
    at the time. Life's struggles and joys are inspirations for my album. I
     wanted to ensure that all the songs in my album are positive, uplifting
     and motivational. I hope that my songs might be able to help motivate to
     get back up on their feet when going through the same struggles in life.
     Also my album basically has two main themes. As you may notice, the
     outside of my album is dark and strong and when you take a look at the
     inside of the album, it's light with pink hearts.

     This represents the two themes that although it is important to be strong
     and fight for what you believe in this tough world, while doing so, you
     can still be soft and warm-hearted, believe in true love and keep your
     dreams alive. Just because the world is tough, doesn't mean that you
     can't make your dreams happen. I truly believe that one person can make a
     big difference by setting an example. It is the balance between softness
     and strength. The ying and yang.

     Also a portion of the proceeds goes towards UNHCR to help rebuild the
     lives of refugees worldwide so that they too can someday have the
     opportunity to make their dreams happen.

    Q. What personal qualities have proved the most beneficial in your career?
    A. I would say the most useful quality would be confidence and believing in
    yourself and your capability to make things happen. I used to have this poster that said if you believe, you can achieve.

    Q. What’s next for you?
     A. I'm releasing my first music video soon. We just wrapped up the shoot
     yesterday. I'm really happy with how the project went. I love my crew,
     models and dancers. Everyone was awesome and I am so grateful.

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